Name: Ina Mindiuzenko

Artist Name: Ina Mindiuz

Place and date of birth: Kaunas, Lithuania. 1965

Location of Residence: Murcia, Spain.

Higher education:

2014 – 2016 University of Murcia, Spain. Master in Artistic Production and Management.

2008 – 2012 University of Murcia, Spain. Bachelor of Fine Arts.

1987-1993 Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Kaunas Faculty, Lithuania. Textile specialty.
1982-1985 Kaunas College of J. Vienožinskis, Arts Faculty, Lithuania. Specialty Fashion design.

Studies training:
20.01 – 03.14.2014 Program development and consolidation of companies cultural and creative industries. Project:  gallery Studija Mindiuzarte creating.

Professional Activities:

Since 2017 Lithuanian Art Creator status.

Since 2015 Art director in VšĮ Studija Mindiuzartė.

Since 2014 Artist´s State in the Association APLAMA, Málaga, Spain.
2013 – 2014 Artist´s State
in the EMMA Gallery , Madrid, Spain.


Personal exhibitions:


·         Ina Mindiuz. Interpretations Mis Meninas in RTVA Canal Sur Andalucia, San Juan de Aznalfarache. Spain.
·         Ina Mindiuz. Interpretations Mis Meninas in RTVA Canal Sur Andalucia, Cádiz. Spain.



  • Ina Mindiuz: Mano Meninas. Lithuanian Embassy in the Kingdom of Spain. Madrid.
  • Ina Mindiuz. Belleza Invisible. Exhibition space of Social Centre of University of Murcia, Spain.
  • Ina Mindiuz. Mis Meninas in exhibition hall Manuel Barbadillo, Málaga. Spain.
  • Ina Mindiuz: Mis Meninas in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania. Vilnius.
  • Ina Mindiuz. Nematomas grozis Kaunas Artists´house, Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • Photo exhibition Semana Santa y Fiestas de Primavera en Murcia 2016 in the Gallery of Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO.
  • Ina Mindiuz: El Viaje de mis Meninas in RTVA Canal Sur Andalucia Jaén departament. Spain.


  • Exhibition Ina Mindiuz: Interpretaciones. RTVA Canal Sur Andalucia, Granada department. Granada, Spain.
  • Exhibition Ina Mindiuz: El Viaje de mis MeninasRTVA Canal Sur Andalucia, Almería´s departemet, Spain.
  • Exhibition indivi-dual Conversation: Ina Mindiuz & Dovile Riebshlager. Social Centre of the University of Murcia, Spain.
  • Paintings exhibition Ina Mindiuz: My Meninas. BIC Euronova exhibition hall, Málaga, Spain.


  • Paintings exhibition My Meninas travels Light and Water Interpretation Centre, Blanca, Murcia, Spain.


  • Exhibition of paintings My Meninas in Kaunas Castle, Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • Exhibition Meninas in the Daugirdas hotel. Kaunas, Lithuania.


Colective exhibitions. Participations as an artist:


  • International project Textile Interpretations. Z. Varnauskas. Groups ESAME and Moterys Mene. Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • International project Trans + history: Spanish conversations. Symbols. Lanscapes and Persons in Kaunas City Museum: exhibitions hall of Kaunas Castle and P. Stulgos Museum of Lithuanian folk music instruments. Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • International exhibition- project Traces of Remembrance. Arka gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Lithuanian textile artists exhibition Textile Interpretations MARACENA the city mayor’s oficial exhibitions hall and House of Culture exhibitions hall, Maracena, Granada, Spain.
  • Lithuanian textile artists exhibition Textile Interpretations. Z. Varnauskas. Groups ESAME and Moterys Mene. Churriana de la Vega exhibitions hall, Granada, Spain.
  • International exhibition Textile Interpretations + in Murcia University’s Social Centre, Spain.
  • Lithuanian textile artists exhibition Textile Interpretations in Lithuanian Embassy in Madrid, Spain.


  • 3rd Lithuanian Quadrennial of Contemporary Art. Participant. Vilnius Bastion, Arka Gallery, Gallery DSG, Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Lithuanian textile artists exhibition Textile Interpretations. Z. Varnauskas, woman groups ESAME and Moterys Mene in the Murcia University exhibitions hall Nicolas Almansa. Murcia, Spain.
  • International Exhibition of artists in the exhibition hall House of Culture Maracena, Granada, Spain.
  • Collective art exhibition Navidad 013 in the gallery Espacio Tres, Málaga.
  • Collective art exhibition Artists of Murcia in the gallery Cuadros López, Murcia.
  • Collective exhibition of creative women Women: Water and Light. Exhibitions hall of Water and Light Center, Blanca, Murcia, Spain.
  • Presencias 36 in Artists association APLAMA exhibitions hall, Málaga, Spain.
  • Collective exhibition Andalucía itinerante Huesca- Paris- Sevilla, Spain – France.
  • Exhibition PRESENCIAS 37 of artists Association APLAMA in the exhibitions Hall Manuel Barbadillo, Malaga, Spain.
  • Spanish art collective exhibitions GOYART and Galicia in Kaunas City Museum: exhibitions hall of Castle of Kaunas and P. Stulgos Museum of Lithuanian Folk music instruments. Lithuania.
  • Collective international exhibition FIARTE in Kaunas, Kaunas City Museum: exhibitions hall of Lithuanian Folk music instruments Museum P. Stulga, Lithuania.
  • II International art exhibition of womens – artists Women in Art: Colour. Kaunas City Museum: exhibitions hall of Castle of Kaunas, Lithuania.


  • Exhibition Angelai in Castle of Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • Exhibition Andalucia Art in EMMA Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
  • Group exhibition Occasion of ARCO, EMMA Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
  • II International Exhibition of Women Artists. Exhibitions hall Maracena / Granada, Spain.
  • International Art Fair IV edition. Exhibitions hall Churriana de la Vega, Granada, Spain.
  • International exhibition Patios of Córdoba. Sojo Ribera de Córdoba exhibitions hall, Spain.
  • Collective exhibition International Tour Porto, Portugal.
  • Group exhibition Catalunya in Art, EMMA Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
  • Exhibition Andalucia Art with 20.16 in Puertollano, Ciudad Real, Spain.
  • Exhibition I Aniversario of Gallery EMMA, Madrid, Spain.
  • Action – performance YOEXPONGOen … REINA in International Museum Day, Madrid, Spain.
  • VI International Art Exhibition Continent in Córdoba, Spain.
  • Textile Festival TOUS EN SCENE Hospice Saint – Charles – Rosny sur Seine, France.
  • Sekime Zvaigzdes (Sowing the Stars) , group exhibition of Spanish art in Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • International group exhibition Moterys Mene: Esam! Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • X Edition of Art – Vent International Exhibition of Textile Art, Gata de Gorgos, Valencia, Spain.
  • Collective exhibition TRAVELLING in Guejar Sierra, Granada, Spain.
  • Exhibition XXIa. Anatomija in Gallery ARKA, Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Expo-event: ARMO – Art & Fashion. Gallery CREARIUM, Monzon, Huesca, Spain.
  • The II exhibition of Illustrators in exhibitions space for Culture Artillery Barracks , Murcia, Spain.
  • Participation in III Gallery EMMA Artist book. California and Mexico. October to December
  • ITINERANTE Art Exhibition. Exhibitions hall Churriana De La Vega, Granada, Spain.
  • ITINERANTE Art Exhibition. Exhibitions hall Las Gabias in Torreon, Granada,Spain.
  • Exhibition Málaga green and blue with MALAKARTE group, Málaga, Spain.
  • Exhibition Christmas 013 in Gallery Three Space, Málaga, Spain.
  • Artists group exhibition in Gallery Cuadros López, Murcia, Spain.
  • Encounters Art / Music / Food in a Market Blanca, Blanca, Murcia.


  • Exhibition BARRACA – ART. Exhibitions space CajaMurcia in San Pedro de Pinatar, Spain.


  • Itinerant collective painting exhibition Landscape versus UM Sierra de la Pila, Murcia, Spain.


  • Group students exhibition at UMU Párraga Center, Murcia, Spain.


  • Collective exhibition of fashion designers Women & Fashion, collection presentation, Kaunas, Lithuania.


  • First group exhibition of painters Jezus, Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • Untamed Fashion Assembly 1994, Riga, Latvia, designer.
  • Group exhibition of fashion designers Siluetas’94 collection presentation , Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • Collection for kids Spring – Summer 1994. Utena Trikotazas, SBA Concern, Kaunas.